Siu Tran sat the Pinnacle of Selfless Community Service in Brimbank

For Siu Tran reaching the pinnacle of selfless community service has come as a natural gift. This is largely due to the kind of childhood he had and the cultural richness he has inherited from his parents. For many reasons the lifestyle and thinking patterns of the Asian community from which he hails have remained simple and down to earth. People in this community have a sense of responsibility towards fellow citizens, community and the nation in which they come to live. They don’t wish to own too much of financial surplus and usually don’t run behind success. But wherever they go, these two seem to follow them involuntarily.

Tran SiuSiu Tran and His Saga of Success

Education and enlightenment about social responsibilities are the two key elements which have propelled Siu Tran to the pinnacle of success. Going through his records from being a teenager one could easily identify a deeper sense of commitment to the social causes right from those stages.

  • For Siu Tran, getting associated with the disabled students at the Sunshine community is a matter of pride. He has worked relentlessly with them from the first day. Of course it took long time for him to set himself in line with their thinking patterns. Once he was able to establish the first lines of communication, he started understanding their main problems in life. Fear and uncertainty have been the major culprits which haunted them for a long time. With the arrival of Siu Tran they got a fresh hope for the future. The gradual changes in their thinking patterns were initiated by Siu Tran in an irreversible manner. This was more like tapping the tip of an iceberg before breaking the entire hidden mass. As the skepticism and fear factors started melting, they were able to freely communicate with Siu Tran.
  • Siu Tran trained them not only psychologically, but also physically for overcoming the deep rooted inertia which had gripped them. This was the beginning from where they started freeing themselves from all sorts of physical and psychological limitations. Once they reached the threshold point, there has been no looking back. Nearly all of them have changed their lifestyles now.

Siu Tran

  • Siu Tran has been instrumental in arranging for funds from people in different communities for the benefit of the disabled. The provision of supporting equipment and tools like the wheelchairs, walking and sitting aid, medical and therapeutic support, surgical support and many  other forms of help have been helpful in enabling them to become independent. They are now able to participate in sporting and academic activities with free will. In fact many of them have gone ahead and joined the mainstream of para sports at the Melbourne and the other states in Australia. The efforts of Siu Tran have attracted the attention of Australian Paralympics Committee in organizing many recruitment camps across Brimbank. Siu Tran has been responsible for organizing many of the sporting facilities from the Municipal council of Brimbank for the welfare of the disabled sports persons for training.

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