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My Musical Poetry

VERY NEW: I am currently in a Rochdale band called Fruity Frank and the Frisky Freaks, named after a computer game (written by me in the 1980s). Information about emulators of the game on modern computers, plus lyrics and downloads of our original tracks, are available on the Fruity Frank website. You can also listen to cover versions, or modified cover versions (such as John Lennon’s “Imagine”, designed to unite believers and non-believers based on the idea that a sort of spirit survives when someone dies, in the people he or she has affected in his or her time on the earth), on the Fruity Frank SoundCloud page.


QUITE NEW: Some of the pages on this website are considerably out-of-date, since they were written before the 2010 general election, after which a coalition government between the Tories and Liberal Democrats has been formed. During the election campaign, I wrote a musical poem about the new foreign secretary called William Hague is Vague; you can download it in MP3 format by clicking here. I have started recording some new songs since then, a list of which you can find later on this page. You may like to browe my page on SoundCloud, which is very good for sharing and commenting on music tracks (much better than MySpace). I have put some of my better songs and musical poems there.


I have written dozens of songs/musical poems. It was quite a while after first setting up a band in Manchester (called Galaxia) that I became involved in a new band in Glasgow (Red Day); on returning to Manchester I did a couple more recordings with a new line-up of Galaxia and I am currently looking for new band members. In the meantime and afterwards, I recorded some musical poems (unaccompanied songs, some with spoken parts).


As an alternative to clicking on links below in order to download my musical poetry, you can visit my MySpace pages (Socialist Steve of Red Day/Galaxia contains videos of some of my musical poetry; there is music on the pages of Steve Wallis, Steven Wallis and Stephen Kim Wallis with the latter dedicated to football). You may also like to visit the MySpace pages of Galaxia and Red Day or the websites of Galaxia and Red Day. For explanations of songs I have written, including a few that I have not yet recorded versions of, go to the lyrics page of the Galaxia website. Recordings of songs can also be downloaded from that page or the lyrics pages of particular songs. Details of musical poems, in which there are also some spoken lyrics, are provided towards the bottom of this page.


I recorded my first collection of musical poetry in February/March 2007, in time for the Scottish parliamentary elections (which took place on the 3rd of May). I made two further sets of recordings in December 2007, as listed further down this page. Very importantly, I corrected what is probably my most important song, that was initially too fatalistic, in the new recording of The World Is Planned. My musical poem The Master Race is also very important.


I had the further motivation, in making the later recordings, of publicising the supposed situation of Priya Reddy (warcry), who I believed was a political prisoner in a psychiatric institution in the United States that she has compared to Auschwitz concentration camp; You’re A Rebel, On My Own, Fairytale of New York (which is fictional and I recorded using a karaoke CD for background music) and I Know Her Quite Well, as well as my earlier recording Belly Of The Beast in which I predicted such a predicament, are dedicated to her. She finally emailed me to say that she has never been in such a place. I have recorded new versions of the first two of those songs with Red Day, and placed new MP3 files on top of the originals to correct this false information about her.


The song Fast Car is based on Tracy Chapman’s song of the same name that I loathe because it reminds me of the assassination of someone I was in love with (Nathalie Monier). Note that my understanding that she was killed by two black drug dealers in Moss Side, reflected in this song that I wrote to mark the tenth anniversary of her death, was disinformation, probably by infiltrators on the side of big business to try to increase racism within the Socialist Party. They did not succeed, but the party now has an even smaller proportion of black or Asian members than it did at the time. I later discovered, from newspaper reports on the internet, that the two assassins were from leafy suburbs of Manchester, one of whom had a German surname (Schultz).


Sometimes people comment that I should get singing lessons, which I never have, and I admit to some of my singing being a bit out-of-tune. I can’t read music or identify musical notes, but my singing has improved considerably over the years, even if some of the notes I hit aren’t on the usual scales! My singing is also usually better for songs that have better lyrics, with my subconscious helping me recognise political mistakes! Additionally, many of my songs don’t scan, and when I do drumming, as I do using African drums (bongos) in the Red Day song Think Of Me, which has my most tuneful singing with the possible exception of the Galaxia song Things Can Only Get Bitter, I generally hit a drum once per syllable rather than drum out a repetitive beat; I suppose I am pioneering a different kind of music!


Different web browers treat MP3 files differently; if you are using Internet Explorer, clicking on such a file with the left mouse button should play it and clicking with the right button should display a menu that enables you to save it. MP3 files should be compatible with iPods, MP3 players (obviously) and mobile phones.


My first collection of recordings, in Windows Media Audio (WMA) and MP3 formats, is listed below (note that some of these songs are quite long and the WMA files are a bit shorter than the MP3 ones):

I made the following recordings in MP3 format (these are less than three minutes long and the files are around 1MB in size, except for the second and third which are Red Day recordings) in early December 2007:

I also made the following recordings in MP3 format (these are all less than five minutes long and all files are below 2.4MB in size, with the exception of the final song which is a Red Day recording) in late December 2007:

In September 2008, I made the following recordings in MP3 format (these are all less than five minutes long and all files are below 4.5MB in size):

In late September 2008, I made the following recordings in various formats (with the first overwritten by a Galaxia recording):

I also made the following recording in October 2008:

In 2009, I put videos of some of my musical poems on YouTube and MySpace Video, most of which are recordings of me singing them unaccompanied on demonstrations. Find the videos on my MySpace page or click on links below:

Some musical poems/songs recorded under the name Steven Wallis (and placed on his MySpace page) in 2008/9 are as follows:

Some musical poems/songs recorded in January 2010 are as follows:

I recorded the following musical poem during the 2010 general election campaign:

I recorded the following musical poems/songs in 2010, after the general election:

The following is a list of musical poems I have written so far (most of which I have made recordings of). Note that the following list consists of those with some spoken sections; information about songs (including those I have performed with Red Day or as musical poems) can be found on the lyrics page of the Galaxia website.

I have also written the following musical poem that could be described as science fiction, science fact or some combination of the two. Make your own mind up!