Nashville car key fob replacement tutorial.

In this modern age, a new technological innovation surges up after every few minutes for our convenience and enhanced lifestyle. Things have become easier, sophisticated, and more secure. Technology has also played its part to cope up with the rising number of car thefts with bringing in a new innovation in car keys known as car key fobs. With these key fobs, not only the security is enhanced, the driving experience of the car owners is also improved due to the multiple features they boast of.

Car key fobs are a crucial part of automotive security today. If you are looking for the best way to protect your car against burglary or theft, a new car key fob replacement is the best option for you. It can be programmed as per your requirement for the purpose of enhancing the security of your car and boasts of several other advanced features which give it a prominent edge over the traditionally used standard or high-security keys.

Some of the major functions associated with car key fobs include:

  • Locking/Unlocking the doors
  • Switching on or off the Ignition
  • The opening of a particular door, windows/roof, fuel pump cap etc.
  • Alarm System

How a Car Key Fob Works?

Car key fobs are manufactured using the state-of-the-art technology for the purpose of providing major functions that are listed above. There is a computer chip that is embedded with a unique code. It is placed in the ignition key. Another device is placed behind the steering wheel is connected with the key using the radio signals. The device uses the signals to identify the code and perform its functions. The car lamp light flashes as an indication of the reception of the signals and performance of a certain function by the car.

Programming of a Car Key Fob

Each vehicle has its own method and pattern to be followed for programming of a car key fob; hence, the process varies from model to model. When you buy a blank car key fob, if you have lost your key or for any other reason, you will also get a manual guide featuring the complete procedure of programming your car key fob as per your requirement.

Let’s have a look at a step-by-step instruction guide to programming of a  typical car key fob.

Step # 1: Press & release the brake and gas pedal at once while you are seated on the driver’s seat.

Step # 2: Insert the car key fob. (Do not turn it on at this point).

Step # 3: Push the gas pedal and release it. Do this practice for five times within 15 seconds of inserting the car key fob.

Step # 4: Do the same with the brake pedal but six times within 20 seconds after performing the 3rd step.

Step # 5: Takeout the car key fob.

Step # 6: Repeat the step # 1 with new car key fob. Push the gas pedal once and wait for the dashboard security lights to turn off.

Step # 7: Press the brakes once after taking the new key out.

There you go; your new key fob is replaced and programmed. It is recommended to test it out completely before you start using it.


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