Hold your taste buds and see your dream come true

The heavy and hectic schedule in today’s world forces many bad habits in people due to the immense pressure of work and performance leaving no time for any healthy habits to develop. The most chronic of these habits is the food we intake. Fat eventually poses many problems like various health issues majorly heart diseases and reducing weight, as we all know, is a massive ordeal. HCG Phase 2 is an alternate food regime into its 2nd weeks that include a strict restriction of foods one can consume and a daily regiment of exercises.

HCG Phase 2	HCG P2 A lot of companies convince you into believing them that their medicines work wonders. On practical use, the failure of these medicines coupled with fraudulent techniques to get consumer attention has left a sour taste in the mouth of all. People often suggest dietary control, medicinal hacks, various medications, weight loss surgeries like gastric bypass and most commonly exercise. While most of them are ineffective, some are helpful but have no immediate effect which sometimes becomes necessary for those facing dire medical consequences for being overweight. HCG Phase 2 is a very effective alternative to all weight loss measures as it is not only effective but so efficient that the user can feel the difference within a week!

What is HCG Phase 2?

HCG P2 is a naturally occurring hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin which is not a synthetic drug. It is a hormone produced in the placenta of a woman pregnant with a baby. Since it is produced within the human body itself, it is not only very safe to use, but also very powerful and effective. It is effective when consumed in a routine way. Phase 2 also known as the loading phase where there is a steady and rapid loss of weight. This is when your calculated calorie and protein intake begins alongside personalized list of food.


Consuming HCG 2 any which way is not going to fetch you any benefit. Since HCG P2 is a hormone, it works best and is most effective when it is injected directly into the bloodstream. When injected or consumed differently, on coming in contact with oxygen, it breaks down a separate way causing the system to go into starvation without the potent amount of  HCG 2 which can in certain cases even be fatal or may simply cause no weight loss at all. The 2nd week of the food regime has to be strictly maintained to get desired results.

HCG Phase 2	HCG P2How to follow?

HCG Phase 2 requires you to hold your taste buds and diligently follow a dietary regiment where you are supposed to consume a lot of vegetables that provide you with the essential minerals and fiber along with protein so that the body does not become deficient and weak. According to the needs of the patient, small carbohydrate intakes can be allowed. It is also very necessary to drink lots of water and remain hydrated so that the metabolism can function properly. Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited.

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