Reviewing the London Modest Fashion Week 2017 by Modanisa

Modanisa UK abaya

This is a personal account of the London Modest Fashion Week 2017 organized by Modanisa in UK; i.e. my personal feelings and review of the whole event.

Personally observing the wonderful achievement of Istanbul Modest Fashion Week in 2016, I was very excited to meet the hijab trend influencers who are changing the significance of hijabis throughout Earth, through the capability of the job and societal sites.

It was great to see Lots of successful Muslim women at the event. The event was dedicated to each one of the Muslim women who are unapologetic in their identity and thrilled in their identity and are happy to become Muslim through these difficult times. The main takeaway from the event is that every Muslim woman has got her own unique story and she should share it openly with the world.

Concerning clothes I didn’t know what to expect, should I proceed to obtain a lengthy abaya or comfy heels and pants or will I go to find a more classic look? I had all of these thoughts but I didn’t believe that the pressure to conform to specific Islamic regulations is all about expressing yourself and it is fun because you must be your own designer.

Modanisa UK abaya

During those 2 days you would see another look, few of the girls were dressed so fit and at depth kimonos that amuses the floor. Others chose for a more casual look with baggy trousers and trainers, and others opted to select funkier looks and vibrant flamboyant colours.

The catwalks on the show were very popular. The collections showcased by the designers were somewhat diverse; some demonstrated sporty attires and lots of others more conservative clothing with extended hijabs moving down to the knees and some were quirkier and more lively. The catwalks were roughly half an hour long and they’ve been followed by talks from the influencers.

The screen area was inhabited constantly however I thought it would have been a great idea if the breaks in between the talks and the screens were more because this might have given me the opportunity to devote some more time around the designer’s stalls.

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Do I recommend others to attend such functions? Yes, definitely. It was an outstanding opportunity to meet my favorite hijab fashion influencers on a personal level and get guidance from them.

It was well organized. Some of the screens ran somewhat late. Nevertheless, they were mostly on time.

The one advice I would give to someone who wishes to attend such an event is to dress professionally, maybe it is best for you to have food ahead, as you may not have time when you are intending to attend everything. And most importantly just unwind and have fun!

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