The most common SumpPump Issues and Solutions

It is one of the fallacies of many sump pump owners that after installing the most reliable sump pump, they can relax and have the sump pump work well for years to come. While this is indeed what many sump pump companies claim, the truth is a less rosy. Like all appliances that involve motors and run on electricity, sump pumps are known to suffer from certain problems. While some of these are model specific, there are a few common sump pump issues and solutions that every sump pump owner should be aware of.

Power Supply Issues

Considering that almost all primary sump pumps run on electricity, power supply problems can be one of the most vexatious of the common sump pump issues and solutions. Barring situations where the powerpoint itself is at fault, power supply issues arise primarily due to poor connectivity between pump and power cable and due to faulty power cables. To remedy the former, disconnect the power cord and take out the sump pump from the sump. If the power cord is detachable, disconnect it from the sump pump and reconnect it tightly. Reconnecting the power cord with the powerpoint and placing the sump pump in a bucket of water should indicate whether the problem has been fixed.

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Frozen discharge tubes/PVC pipes

If you live in cold areas, some of the common sump pump issues and solutions will inevitably center around the freezing of water in the sump pump. A precautionary measure would be to have the interior of the interior of your sump pump discharge pipes “pitched”. Pitching is not the simplest of procedures, and you may want to have this done using professional plumbing experts to save your time and money.

Unpitched pipes tend to retain water, which freezes in winter. Such freezing – if minor- tends to cause backflow of small ice particles into the sump, which can then interfere with the functioning of the pump. Further, such ice particles can remain stuck to the inner surfaces of the pipe, leading to situations where they can cause the water to build up in the pipes. This would either lead to the water being forced out by the breaking of the conduits or by reflux into the sump. In either situation, the sump pump suffers as it is forced to suddenly face a rise in water flow (as even a breakage in the pipes causes some amount of

Jammed Switch/Float

While narrating the sump pump maintenance procedure, we warned you about the possibility of jammed or stuck switch/float assemblies. Such jams can also occur when the assembly is struck by a large piece of debris. The result is that the sump pump either continues running even when the water flow has ceased, thus wearing itself out and suffering mechanical issues, or it doesn’t start up even when the water is rapidly filling up the sump. If the sump pump is running for a prolonged period, fails the bucket test outlined in the maintenance page or doesn’t start up even when the sump is rapidly filling up, it is time to realize that one will now have to deal with typical sump pump issues and solutions associated with switches.

While the common sump pump issues and solutions may seem few compared to some other home appliances, they can nonetheless reduce the lifespan of your sump pump, even if fixed promptly.

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