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Principles and Practices of Debt Recovery at Alexander Miller & Associates

The fundamentals of debt recovery principles and practices and practices at Alexander Miller & Associates are based on the framework of legal and financial laws of the federal government and the state government in which your business establishment is located. The experts in the agency have relevant experience in handling issues related to management of accounts receivables, aging accounts, overdue invoices, repayment history of debtors and other related accounting and financial data. Collection methods followed by your company are analyzed and recorded for future needs. A comprehensive set of standard procedures are developed for your company based on the data …

Best Debt Management Solutions from Creditfix IVA Advice

Skillful management of your debt could be made more effective with Creditfix IVA Advice which also indirectly streamlines your finance management. Before getting the help you need to make an introspection of the circumstances which led to your current financial crisis and debt trap. You need to assess your expense channels and income sources along with the total value of debts you owe to your creditors before taking a decision on repayments. Sometimes you may get an idea of declaring insolvency to avoid repayments, but this might not be the right solution as you can see why it is not …

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