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All news, discussion and information under one platform

Think about all the news that you can aggregate inside one platform, think about having discussions with like-minded people regarding topics that you like, getting your hands on all the information that might suit your needs, have educated discussions with people regarding things that you wish to find about. All of this is now made possible by the online platform called Reddit. Reddit is an online platform that had been created in September 2011 and it focuses on news aggregation under one platform. It has ratings on web content and discussions regarding news and other sought after topics. Reddit was created by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian and provides a platform for all of its registered customers to post links and upload content regarding the various topics that are available on the platform.

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Intricacies of how Reddit works

It can also be used as a platform to post advertisement when selling certain products and if a person has a credible and reputed account his or her posts gain a lot of following thereby enabling the person to sell his/her products with much ease on an online platform that caters to millions. Submissions on the page which have the most number of votes or up-votes are shown to appear on the very top of the page, which means that the page has a voting system which enables its users to vote a content up or down depending on its relevance or importance. The areas of interest that has been discussed earlier are basically groups of content clustered in an organized manner and are known as subreddits. Subreddit topics include a lot of different things including news, gaming, science, advertisement, books, food, pictures and many more. However the site has a very strict monitoring system since it does not allow any kind of harassment or spamming and thereby having a reputed account helps into bringing one’s content to light more easily. Any accounts reputation depends on the karma points that the account has accumulated over the years which is decided through link or text posts. Karma posts are of two types. Comment karma which is incurred if another user has mentioned a person’s link or post via comment or Reddit gold which involves the process of gilding and is received from another user if some person’s comment or post is found to be humorous or informative by another.

Ways of achieving a credible Reddit account

This is a platform which creates vast opportunities for people to share their opinions and products but having a reputed Reddit account remains a must which can be achieved only if the account has high karma points or is quite old and reputed. Reddit Secrets sell Reddit accounts like these which are reliable and high on karma points to customers through a simple Paypal transaction. These accounts on sale have the biggest subreddit engagement and provide genuine, mature accounts with natural username and credibility so that they can bypass the modulation of Reddit and promote the user’s opinion or product.

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