A Brief Overview On Mountain View Amphitheatre

Mountain View Amphitheatre
Shoreline Amphitheatre is located in Mountain View in California and is an outdoor amphitheatre in San Francisco Bay Area. The amphitheatre can accommodate 22,500 people at a time, out of which 6500 seats are reserved and the rest 16000 are general seats on the lawn. During the festival, when the parking lot becomes full, the total capacity reaches 30,000. Round the year the amphitheatre hosts several concerts and other programs. You will find the tickets online. Before you book the tickets, take a look at the website of the amphitheatre to know about the list of programs and accordingly book your tickets.

The city of Mountain View in California in the year 1985-1986 developed the amphitheatre, in cooperation with Bill Graham, local promoter. The amphitheatre was so designed to resemble the logo “steal your face” of the Grateful Dead. In each row of the amphitheatre, there is ample space for spreading the leg as well as space for dancing. Each row of the amphitheatre has three foot pitch. Shoreline Amphitheatre opened its door to the common mass in the year 1986 during the summer. The amphitheatre was planned to open its door to the common mass with the concert of The Grateful Dead, but it was cancelled due to Jerry Garcia’s coma.

If you are a music lover, then must not miss the opportunity of catching your favorite bands live at Shoreline Amphitheatre. The amphitheatre host live-in concert of several renowned bands, the tickets are high in demand among the common mass. So, before you miss the opportunity of catching your live bands performing in this beautiful amphitheatre, you must check the availability of the tickets and get the tickets before all get sold out. The outdoor amphitheatre with parking space will not pose any difficulty and you can have a gala time with your friends watching the concert of your favorite band.

The amphitheatre not only hosts concerts, but also organizes top sports events.  If you are a sports freak, then do watch the sports events like International Champion Cup, Harlem Globetrotters, NHL Hockey, Monster trucks and AMA SuperCross.   Best selling theatre like Hamilton, Disney on ice, The Lion King, Jeff Dunham and Aladdin runs on the Shoreline Amphitheatre. It can be a great treat for your kids on weekends when you take them for theatre like Aladdin and The Lion King. But make sure to book the tickets prior.

Mountain View AmphitheatreThe architectural design of the amphitheatre is superb and is a best place to relax with friends and family. The sound system is high definition and the lighting system is great. You will find a wide array of options of drinks and foods and there are several bars and food stands surrounding the area. The must try is hamburgers and barbeque and outside food is allowed. No need to think about the price of the tickets as tickets is affordable. The price of the lawn tickets is especially affordable. Parking is free. You will get concession during the summer months.  So, have a gala time with your friends and family in this wonderful amphitheatre.


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