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I am in the process of updating this website. Note that some pages refer to the previous New Labour government in the UK, replaced in 2010 by a Conservative (Tory)/Liberal Democrat coalition. For my most recent views, I strongly recommend visiting my blog, inspired by a comment in the news (after Maggie Thatcher died) that, instead of accommodating her politics to the middle ground, she shifted political opinion to the right. The purpose of my blog is to help shift political opinion, in Britain and the rest of the world, to the left.

There is a search box on my blog, and I strongly recommend searching for “PRISM” (for the mass surveillance programme in the USA which has the capability to bring about world fascism stopping socialist revolution forever), “9/11” (for my views on it being, in part, an inside job), “atheists” (for an idea of uniting them with agnostics and believers in God, based on the fact that some sort of spirit of a dead person lives on in those that they’ve affected throughout his/her life, expressed through music with a new version of John Lennon’s “Imagine”), “immigration” (for my views on a revolutionary socialist solution for it, as well as terrorism and racism), “cuts” or “austerity” (for attacks on the living standards of ordinary people by the coalition government and ideas of how to fight back), “bedroom tax” (for a desperate attack by the coalition government on housing benefit against which I’ve done a lot of campaigning recently), “Left Unity” (on the most promising initiative for uniting the far left in Britain, as a sort of UKIP of the left or equivalent of Syriza in Greece) or “Turkey” (on a country which I’ve posted several items about where a mass revolutionary movement is currently taking place). After searching, click on the heading of a blog post to see it and any comments that have been made (and submit your own if you like).

The cuts already made by the coalition government, including redundancies, a public sector pay freeze and attacks on pension rights, may sound severe, but most of the austerity measures are yet to be implemented and UK borrowing has hardly changed as a result of such measures so far. The leadership of New Labour has admitted, without waiting for their conference which should democratically decide such a massive change of policy, that they will continue with austerity after the general election, dubbed “austerity-lite”. The fact that there is hardly any difference between the policies of the three main parties presents a marvellous opportunity for socialists if we get our act together, and film director Ken Loach’s initiative Left Unity, that already has attracted the interest of over 8,000 people, more than the rest of the far left put together, could fill that vacuum.

I am now in a band based in Rochdale, Fruity Frank and the Frisky Freaks, named after a computer game I wrote in the 1980s. Most of our songs are political, although we also tackle the thorny issue of religion (especially with our version of John Lennon’s “Imagine”, with changed lyrics). Information about emulators of Fruity Frank for modern computers, as well as downloads and lyrics for some of our songs, are on the Fruity Frank website, but those for which there may be copyright issues are just on the band’s SoundCloud page.

If you are on Facebook, you may like to go to my Facebook page, visiting/joining my Facebook group Very Democratic Socialism (the description of which puts forward the form of socialism I am in favour of), visiting/liking my Revolutionary Platform Network forum on Facebook (an attempt to unite revolutionary socialists within broad socialist organisations or parties). I also have a Twitter page @socialiststeve.


The rest of this web page is in drastic need of an edit, since much of it is out-of-date. I will get around to that soon; in the meantime, I strongly suggest visiting my ThatcheroftheLeft blog, my Facebook page or my Twitter page (or the Fruity Frank SoundCloud page if you are particularly interested in music).


I wrote a new version of my manifesto about good/bad intentions on the 16th of August 2010, named The Marxist Good Intentions Manifesto because it is now compatible with Marxism (which I adopted as my guiding ideology again after the election taking into account the unfolding class struggle against the cuts). You can download it in Micro$oft Word format (by clicking here) or PDF format (by clicking here).


I have also uploaded three important documents about British politics that I have written since the general election to this website. They are all available in Micro$oft Word or PDF format:

In October 2009, the Guardian newspaper published a series of reports about police surveillance of thousands of so-called domestic extremists, of whom I am undoubtedly one as a revolutionary socialist, and many of whom have no criminal record or been charged of any offence. The use of this term strongly suggests that the powers that be will use legislation primarily used against Islamic fundamentalists against us too, and indeed such powers have already been used against animal rights activists. I couldn't find the diagram published in the newspaper of the control structure used against us, so as a resource for activists understanding our enemies, I have scanned it in and placed it (together with the text of a message I wrote publicising the Guardian revelations) in a file you can read in HTML format (suitable for browsing) or as a Micro$oft document (suitable for printing).


I wrote a short document called “Towards a Theory of Everything” in May 2009, suggesting how quantum mechanics (describing the very small) and relativity theory (describing the very large) can be unified taking the free will decisions of individuals into account. Karl Marx’s collaborator Friedrich Engels (who I believe was an agent of big business) dabbled in physics too and this document contains my proof that Marxist analyses are flawed, providing a scientific justification for my religious views! Click here to view the document, or download it in Rich Text Format or Micro$oft Word format suitable for printing/distribution.


I wrote a message in September 2009 urging socialists to call for the nationalisation of all the banks, with compensation only to pension schemes, and then the running of them democratically from below with most control in the hands of borrowers and savers. After the huge bailout of the banks (£1.3 trillion at the time of writing), nationalisation would allow access to funds that would remove the need for the huge cuts in public services that all three major parties are planning and/or tax rises (probably also planned but not yet revealed). You can read this message (and perhaps debate its contents) by clicking here.


I was in a band called Red Day, based in Glasgow (Scotland), until I moved to Manchester in September 2008. I have put recordings of some of our songs, including 9/11 Inside Job, on-line so they can be listened to or downloaded free of charge from the Red Day website or one of my social networking sites (see below). [You can read more of my views about 9/11 in the message on BBC Conspiracy Files: 9/11 and Princess Diana or go to the 9/11 Conspiracy Theories bulletin board on my Revolutionary Platform Network forum.] I re-formed my Manchester-based band Galaxia in October, but Jonny who did two further recordings with me (including Things Can Only Get Bitter) no longer wants to be involved, so I want to form a completely new band. Contact me (preferably by phoning 07725 735255 or emailing if you are interested in getting involved.


In early November 2007, I wrote and distributed two documents analysing the problems in the world’s stock markets, Financial meltdown soon – prepare for revolution and Barclays Bank will go bankrupt! For more of my analysis, visit my Banks & Building Societies page. I was almost certainly wrong about Barclays going bankrupt but contributed to its falling share price.

An ongoing project of mine is my autobiography, Revolution Destroyed? Have I ensured that a world socialist revolution will never happen?, which will remain free to download or browse on-line even if I eventually get a commercial publisher (that I do not envisage happening this side of an ethical and perhaps socialist revolution). You can read what I have written so far by clicking here.

I seemed to have worked out that the person who is almost certainly my main ally in the world, Priya Reddy (also known as warcry) of War Cry Cinema, was a political prisoner in a psychiatric institution in the USA which she has compared to the Auschwitz concentration camp. She finally emailed me to let me know that it is not true, which is wonderful news! For more information, visit her web page on this website. I publicised what I thought was her situation through some musical poetry I recorded in December 2007. I have done new recordings of You’re A Rebel and On My Own with my new band Red Day and put those recordings on top of the musical poetry MP3 files to correct this false information about her; this is particularly important since internet censorship restricts people in some countries (including China) from accessing web pages on this site. Note that people in some countries cannot access this website at all, but may be able to access my Revolutionary Platform Network Forum (probably because censors cannot work out whether accessing it will have positive or negative political repercussions), and should be able to access my pages on social networking websites (see below).


My main ally from a Marxist perspective (although his views may now have shifted somewhat) is probably Murray Smith, one of the leaders of the LCR in France which has established itself as the leading far left party and has an initiative for a revolutionary anti-capitalist party. Visit my Murray Smith page for more details.


In January 2007, I set up a virtual organisation called the Foundation for PR-based Socialism to argue for a form of socialism based on proportional representation by single transferable vote, consisting of a website: and the ‘PRsocialism’ discussion forum. I intended it to be an international conspiratorial organisation that infiltrates political parties and other important organisations in society, as well as having a public face including newsletters, but it hasn’t yet done anything conspiratorial. In 2011, I set up a related Facebook group Very Democratic Socialism, which is much more successful in terms of number of participants and amount of debate.


You can read the manifesto which I produced for the 2005 general election on-line or download it. For details, click here.

My main email address, which is synchronised with my mobile phone so I should not miss emails (which is likely to happen with my other addresses), is now You can also contact me on my mobile phone (cellphone) on 07725 735255 (+44 7725 735255 from outside the UK).

I would particularly like to hear from people who I have known in the past and lost touch with, but comments from others are also welcome.


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